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Adults actually like to kiss each other sometimes. Girl xxx video hd. The kiss they shared in the car and actually in the rest of the series was pretty amazing, I have to give props to Kim Sun Ah cause she can deliver as well. Love scene korean drama. WhereIReside October 18, at 7: Fatuma May 21, at 3: Your work is helping me so much… Without you I would feel so lonely and miserable She's dating his best friend, and they have no business kissing, but when Jo Jung Suk looks at her like that, it's impossible not to put this one on the list.

If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster to solve that problem for you. But there's soooo many other series on my to-watch list I hate you college for keeping me away from my kdramas. Hot black incest. Queen In-Hyun's Man has some good kisses: By far the best! Casey February 22, at 9: This is my testimony about the good work of a man who helped me.. I'm a fan of the kiss at the end of the first episode of They Kiss Again and the kiss in City Hunter on the rooftop.

No, that does not make it the best kiss. VoyagerG October 7, at 7:

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LOL We shared a dilemma. Bitch suck dick. Stuart Martin August 17, at 4: You should check out the kissing scenes in the greatest love and city hall I nearly ripped my hair trying to vote on my favorite since you put both Coffee Prince and Lie to Me in the same poll: I felt like my life was about to end, and was falling apart.

I had such a hard time picking too! I almost died I was so happy. My favorites are Coffee Prince and Lie to Me. Please put that on the next version of this list. Love scene korean drama. It's still my favourite scene from the whole series. Aly March 8, at 9: Must mean they really are good actors! I just can't help how much I love Coffee Prince, though.

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I am glad I found someone who agree with me. This is another example of a girl doing her part! Using Heartstrings as an example since you used an image of it, Kyu Won didn't expect Shin to kiss her after he sang for her at all. Vivi April 29, at Please put that on the next version of this list.

Another great kiss scene is in Rooftop Prince when they are sitting on the stairs and before leaving he gently grabs her neck and pulls her into a longing ive-missed-you-so-much kiss. Dahaengida April 29, at Not only can she reciprocate the passion but she looks natural doing it. I sometimes have a hard time with those, but I might have to check it out anyway for the chemistry!

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