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Shame on all of you for making fun of this woman; and all the others. Chastity training husband. Week 12 of Pregnancy Pregnant Chicken. Naked people of walmart. It looks to me as if they trying to cash in aka Law Suit. AND, these disgusting obese hogs are on welfare. Friends wife wants me. There are thrift stores with tons of items to choose from, and those who prefer to dress like sleazy skanks should take a look at the classier side of being low income or poor. The only reason I even came to read this was so I could read what people were saying and to comment.

That is just plain Stupid and have no Class to be in our society. Too sexy by far. These have GOT to be from Florida! How, how, how do they get and maintain their jobs?? Is it just me or do some of these Wal-Mart pictures seem staged. Anyone can video or take pictures in a public place. Who would let these fools in the store.

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Coordination is the key to any tasteful outfit — as is visible underpants under banana yellow tights. Xvideos india today. Some great Retail Reading from Amazon.

Pranksters put giant toad in a KFC burger box and return it to the fast food counter Video: Oh my Lord, I am dying! Please feel free to share in the comments section. Take a step back and have some fun looking at all the poor, single married, divorced and rich people that shop at Walmart.

My husband and I love to look at that site for laughs when we are taking ourselves too seriously. It's always difficult to not stare in bafflement or call the cops to report an escapee from some institution or another.

Hide old embed code. Naked people of walmart. She must be a lawyer who reads the fine print. Your comments are much better than the ones on the actual site "peopleofwalmart. Where were the Walmart fashion police on this one? So get large and in charge and enjoy your crazy bodies, peeps.

With about 2 million people per day shopping there, you are bound to find some late night shoppers or just customers in general with different likes, tastes and interests.

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He can find clothing by snatching a bag at a Goodwill drop off bin. This is not mental illness…This is pure laziness, and having zero class. After doing my whole Losing It Series , I thought I should do something that made us all feel good about how we look no matter what size or age we are.

Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Did these pics come from WalMart employees? And your, Madame Noire, should be as well. Or your mother, or sister, or girlfriend, or wife. Naked people of walmart. A guy in a speedo at Wal-Mart? Your oration of holier than thou is hollow.

Cuz you know he's not in his right mind! Her husband was driving the cab of an 18 wheeler, because of the load of all the instruments in the van and two additional passengers the van would not repond to my need to accelerate.

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