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I did get hit on the bottom with a belt when I was in the 3rd grade for stealing and lying about it. Ex girlfriend videos tumblr. Amateur girls fucked and cummed. Pants down spank. He interrupted her and asked her Mayzie what did your mother just tell you to do? Closing Reflections Opening Glimpses. How can the interactive context of clinical work be created without compromising the centrality of the search for meanings derivative from unconscious forces within the patient as a singular individual?.

Third, I don't think a child under two should be spanked, period. Melanie iglesia hot. Pulled down their pants and laid a big mud monkey right on your mom's face? September I got spanked a few times if I was really bad. I was spanked by hand when a boy, bare bottom, by both my father and an aunt. What were you spanked for? Get off your high horse. Dale my husband , and I both believe that a spanking on a young girls bare bottom with our wooden paddle is not only Godly but necessary. This is probably because the bareness is contrasted, and thus emphasized, by the fact that the rest of the spankee's body remains clothed.

Maybe 2 times in my entire life.

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You learn that sort of thing over time, not over a sink. Sex stories of actress. Treating a child like an adult, once they are able to reason, is a good bet. Spanking can be very useful for older children. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8. Pants down spank. I doubt that I would have survived the chaos that ensued from that kind of retribution from society.

Mayzie, our 15 year old has not received a spanking in almost 2 years. Spanking should never be a first resort, and there are other ways to handle misbehavior. Let me tell you, I have told that story many times and with a good bit of embellishment while my brother and I wiped tears of laughter from our faces. Tube hot sex. I was about 10 years old, and even I knew my lie was bald faced and stupid.

And yet we debate it as if there were pros and cons. August It depended heavily on the infraction and who was doing the punishing… my dad would spank us, open-handed- but this was very rare. I use the brush, a wooden spoon or sometimes the rod. Horny mom Jessie is hungry forJojos teen sweet I thought that was pretty awesome though would have hated it as a kid!

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May twisted, pulled ear… and the wooden spoon… DH fears the feather duster…. We have never spanked our daughter. Not Helpful 32 Helpful Yes, as that is verbal and physical abuse.

Naughty air hostess lays back and pisses all ov God damn it, Andrew. Thank you for making a safe and honorable place for me — and so many others — to share the personal details buried beneath these important debates.

Many people believe spanking in general is not okay, and even people who support spanking agree that spankings should never be given in anger. My mother hit us with her hands, and later with the handle of a wooden spoon. Pants down spank. I remember walking out of the grocery store, with five of my oldest.

What locations are acceptable? Calmly ask the child why they did what they did.

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