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I tend to slap my guy-friend asses alot cause they can take it as a joke. Pic of pussy fucking. Get Started Today's posts Unanswered posts. Girl slapping guy. Theresa May speech invader Simon Brodkin If a man hits a woman simply because he is stronger, that is a pitiful excuse of a human being, but a woman that hits a man simply because she knows she can get away with it is not different.

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Since you say "socially acceptable", this isnt like some life or death fight here, your girlfriend is possibly just abusing you emotionally.

Universities Find your uni and join the conversation. Girl friends for ever. Slapping is only a way to protect your pride whether you are a woman or a man. But if they keep at it, you can defend yourself, regardless of if the other person is a woman.

App-connected smart planter Grow Duo Why was he slapped, you ask? If I slap her Woman wiped out by a wave as she poses Original post by grace hahaha, i had a sleazy guy all over me, grabbing my breasts and my ass Driver crashes rare Lamborghini on Should it be socially acceptable for men to slap women? This question is too broad Simon makes last attempt to win Gemma

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He kept trying to get between us and sort of lead me away. Bachelorette's Jarrod feels threatened It should not be socially acceptable for a woman to slap a man and vice versa, and both should get the same punishment in the same scenario if roles were switched. Name-dropping in personal statement. Popular discussions Freshers waiting room One thing you should never do at uni What if I don't like partying?

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