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Life, energy Read More. Scooby doo daphne tied up. Xavier Xavier is one of those rare X names that actually sounds cool and not strange. Cute greek girls. Every Greek person has that one family member, normally a Yiayia, who travels back from wherever they've been with a suitcase filled to the point of explosion with spices.

Lucky, bountiful; also used in auction language, meaning to outbid another Read More. Come and check us out on Snapchat Discover. Webcam wife tumblr. Careful, protective Read More. My name day is on the 15th August. The name first gained fame among Catholics The name therefore means shining and brilliant. Homer portrayed him in his writings as moody and unreliable. Have you seen this Greek God?

Just Google Santorini, Mykonos and Zakynthos for starters and imagine vacationing among breathtaking Greek islands with your Greek beauty! Zoey Variant of Zoe that first became popular in Read More. Girl Greek Carissa Beloved.

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What Regina George's little sister looks like now. Lori cardille nude. It will make an unusual name for your child. Melissa There's a great story with this name: Ok throw in a Zebekiko. Luke Luke is a perennial boys name favorite, and it's not hard to see why. Cute greek girls. Andrea Even though it means "manly," Andrea as a boys' name has pretty much gone extinct and it is now almost exclusively a female He was the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba.

We all know at least a little bit about Greek mythology. In Greek mythology, Erato was one of the nine muses of lyric poetry. Alexander The moniker Alexander is name to a host of prolific men from Alexander the Great to two kings of Scotland, three emperors Make your four fingers into a half Pac Man and press them against your thumb. Granny in leather skirt. Delta is a name that's never found huge mainstream success, and has downright fallen off the name charts into name obscurity The name Melanthios is derived from the Greek word melas, which means black and anthos, which means flower.

Daphne was the daughter of the Greek river God.

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Just Google Santorini, Mykonos and Zakynthos for starters and imagine vacationing among breathtaking Greek islands with your Greek beauty!

We all have the same DNA. A variation of the more formal-sounding Alicia, the breezier Alyssa rocketed in popularity in the s, thanks to actress Try our other baby name lists To that I say, yup, words are totally impractical Careful, protective Read More. Born last, the last letter of the Greek alphabet Read More.

If your sweet little Cassandra tells you something, you better listen, and listen good. I found out that many of these vocal Maniates were unique, and probably not too different from their ancestors that freed our country, or from the ancient Greeks that founded civilization and democracy. People don't throw around the term 'Greek goddess' for nothing - Greek girls will generally always try to look their best.

Nicholas The history of the name Nicholas involves the patron saint of children not to mention sailors and wolves—cool!

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